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Trailhead Leaderboard(Unofficial)

Trailhead Leaderboard (Unofficial)

Hello everyone, Today I am presenting to you Salesforce Trailhead LeaderBoard(Unofficial), a Leaderboard is typically used to signify rank among the fellow participant and helps in bringing out the competitive best of everyone. I believe that trailhead has now become a global competition, where More and more companies are asking its employees to enroll to the Trailhead and start learning.

There are companies who are trying to build their employee’s (Salesforce Admin – developers) career path/growth to include trailhead badges, projects, and trails in their career path. It is becoming imperative for companies like them to showcase their employee’s hard work and brag about it or in fact show it as a swag like we brag about the Salesforce’s certifications. Therefore leaderboard like this provides the perfect platform for companies to showcase their effort.

Trailhead Leaderboard (Unofficial)

Furthermore I firmly believe that Salesforce Trailhead should provide an official Leaderboard down the line in the future, but meanwhile, you can register your profile by clicking on the button below.

Follow the below steps to Get yourself registered at Salesforce Trailhead Leaderboard (Unofficial)

Step 1: Click on the button “Register Profile to Trailhead LeaderBoard”

Trailhead LeaderBoard (unofficial)

Step 2: Fill up the Trailhead Profile form carefully entering your details like Name, Email, Trailhead Profile Id or your Vanity URL and company name. * Make sure your Company name is displayed in the dropdown suggestion list, if not then leave your Company name in the comment and I will enlist it to the data base.

Trailhead Leaderboard (unofficial)

Step 3: Once you have completed step2 then click on submit button if you have entered your profile id / vanity URL correctly you should see your profile like below, if not then refresh the page and enter the detail carefully.

Trailhead Leaderboard (unofficial)

Step 4: Once your profile has loaded, click on the button “Please confirm your profile” and this will store your data at Leaderboard. and you will see an alert (profile submitted to leaderboard successfully), but if your profile has already been submitted then you will get an alert “”


Trailhead Leaderboard (Unofficial)


Step 5: Once you click on the alert message, it will show you a button to update profile at leaderboard.

Trailhead Leaderboard (Unofficial)

Step 6: Your Trailhead profile should start appearing under the table “Trailhead Champions crown ” and your company will have an entry in the “Trailhead Champion Companies Profile crown

Step 7: Further below there is the graphical representation of the leaderboard (Company -points ) only at the moment.


Please feel free to reach out to me, if you have any suggestions to further enhance this leaderboard or add any new  feature. I would look forward for your esteemed feedback as well and Happy Trailblazing 2018.


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Sumit Datta
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