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Salesforce Trailhead Widget for your Website

Salesforce Trailhead widget for your Website

Hi Friends

Recently, I have been working on a small project, where I wanted to make a profile card, which displayed your trailhead profile (your rank, Badges, point and your basic Info available on Trailhead). Something like shown below.

Salesforce Trailhead Widget

This Salesforce Trailhead widget will help you, showcase your hard-earned Badges, points and completed trails on your website. If you own a WordPress site, Blogspot or any website, just use this widget like a swag to brag about your achievements in trailhead.

Any impact on my Blog or website? well this widget uses an asynchronous call to an external server and everything is calculated there and the result is embedded on your website without using any of your website’s resources.

To Use this widget for your website please follow the below instruction.

Step 1

To begin we need your trailhead profile Id, you can find your trailhead profile by logging into your trailhead account and clicking on the profile drop-down menu as shown in the image below:

Salesforce Trailhead Widget

you will either find a vanity URL or a Profile ID – ‘005500000061VVIAA2’ copy it and paste it temporarily on your system.

Step 2 

Copy the below code and paste on your page:

Step 3 

Now In the code line shown below:

<script async src=”http://salesforcenextgen.com/wp-content/themes/twentysixteen/trailheadWidget.php?yourProfileId=sumitkumardatta” type=”text/javascript”> </script>

After ‘yourProfileId=’, paste either your vanity URL or the profile Id we saved in step 1, for me it is my vanity URL ‘sumitkumardatta’ for you it can be anything.
and that is it, you are good to use this widget on your website.
Let me know in the comments if you face any issue or have any feedback.
Have a Happy New Year from salesforce Next Gen

About Sumit Datta

Sumit Datta
I am a 3x Certified Salesforce developer with overall 5 years of IT experience and 3 years of Implementation experience in Salesforce. I am here to share my knowledge and help Beginners in Salesforce to understand the concepts of Apex, Visualforce, Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Configuration.

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