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Salesforce Interview Questions

A comprehensive list of Salesforce interview questions and answer asked in India.

You will find questions here related to Salesforce, Apex, Visualforce, workflow, Approval process, the flow of execution.

The language of the answer is easy to understand with examples.

The levels of these questions if from freshers to the 2-3 years of experience.

Top 50 Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions 2018

Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions

Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions Below is the comprehensive list of questions asked in Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions. 1. What are the type of events into Salesforce Lightning component? a. Application Event – Scope of this event is throughout the lightning App and any component which has registered for this event …

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Salesforce interview Questions Latest

Salesforce interview Questions In this post, I have collected all the Salesforce interview Questions which were asked to me in  Salesforce interview for 2-3 years of experience. I have compiled these questions to the best of my knowledge. The answer provided here are answered to the best of my knowledge and they …

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Salesforce Interview Questions on Test Class

Salesforce Interview Questions on Test Class here you will find interview questions related to Apex Test Class, this will help you in acing the interview. What is test class and why it is necessary? A test class is a class which helps in checking the quality of code before it …

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Batch class : Salesforce Interview Question

Salesforce Interview Question on Batch class   What is Batch Apex? It is a class which is capable of accepting records in bulk and then depending upon the batch size the group of records are broken into Batches and are processed asynchronously.   When should we use a batch class? …

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Salesforce Interview Questions on Trigger

Salesforce Interview Questions on Trigger What is a Trigger? Trigger can invoke Apex code, they come in handy when we want to perform some custom task just before or after a record is either created updated or deleted.   What are the various event on which a trigger can fire? …

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Salesforce Interview Question and Answers Part 2

Salesforce Interview questions on DML Q. How many types of DML statements does Salesforce supports? A. There are altogether 6 types of statements:- Insert Delete Update Merge Undelete Upsert Q. How many DML statements are allowed in on transactions? A. Salesforce allows 150 DML statements per transaction.   Q. What …

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Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers Part 1

Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers What is Salesforce and what is the architecture of Salesforce? A. Salesforce is a Cloud based software made on Force.com platform, it has a pre-built feature to serve as a CRM,              but Salesforce is not limited to be called CRM, …

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